In the pulldown menu on the left you should see an entry called "Setup Peeple". By tapping or clicking this you can go back into the setup portion of Peeple. Your Peeple may be in deep sleep when you do this, so you'll have to wake it up. It may also be busy sending data through wifi when you are trying to connect, so some patience might be needed. We are working on making this a faster, more responsive process.

You can also do a factory reset to do a complete re-setup. Using the factory reset feature of your Peeple is easy.  There's a small hole to the left of the power switch on the back of your Peeple.  Inside that small hole, there's a even smaller button.  Just put something in the hole and hold the button down for at least 5-15 seconds.  The LED on the front of your Peeple will be solid red when the reset is complete.

That's all there is to it!  Now you can setup the Peeple again as if you just got it fresh from the package.

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