So now that you've got that monster peephole, what's the best way to install it. Don't just grab a drill and start at it. The number one thing we saw when testing Peeples out in the field were peepholes that were drilled incorrectly. Almost all of them were not straight or completely perpendicular. That's why you have to use the arrows to align your image in the Peeple setup.

The first thing you'll need to do is round up your tools. You'll need a drill and a 1 inch bit to install a monster peephole (9/16th or 14mm for the standard peephole). Next, do your best to align your drill bit and take care to be a straight on as possible. Bob Villa has a great guide on how to do this. Last, you'll want the hole to be clean on both sides. Again, Bob Villa to the rescue with this guide.

That's the main bit of work, drilling the hole. With your hole drilled, unscrew your peephole and insert it into your door and follow the rest of the Peeple guide to install your Peeple.

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