The first thing to do is to get our app  It's available on iOS, Android, and Web.  Go grab it, I'll wait...

Okay, once you open the app you'll see the main menu:

To setup a Peeple at any time, just press that big plus.  Once you do, you'll see this screen:

The app needs to talk to your Peeple over Wifi.  So, the next step is to connect to the Peeple like you would any other Wifi router.  Head on over to your Wifi settings and select your Peeple device.  The device will start with Peeple and be followed by 6 random letters / numbers.  It looks like this on iOS:

You'll be asked for a password.  Your Peeple's serial number is the password.  You can find your serial number on the back of your Peeple device.  The serial number is all caps, and that matters.  Enter it exactly how you see it (not counting the S/N).  Here's an example for serial number PEEPAXY2VF:

Once you're connected to the Peeple, go back to the app.  You'll need to tell the Peeple how to connect to your home Wifi.

Simply select the button that has the name of your Wifi on it and login as you normally do.  If you don't see your Wifi in the list, press the "Scan Again" button to refresh the list.  Once you enter your Wifi password, you'll see this:

The Peeple will happily try to connect to your Wifi and you'll see a fancy spinner while it does so.  There is a possibility that you'll lose contact with the Peeple while it's connecting to your Wifi.  If that happens, you'll see this:

If that happens, don't panic!  Just head back out to your Wifi settings and reconnect to the Peeple.

Once that's done, you can change image settings to tweak how your knock movies look.  It's probably a good idea to mount the Peeple for this step.  

You'll customize your image at a screen like this:

Once you're happy with how things look.  Press "Looks Good!"  When you do that, you'll see this:

You're almost done!  Head back out to your Wifi settings and reconnect to your home Wifi again.  Assuming all goes well, you'll go back to the main menu of the app and see your Peeple device ready to view!

Sweet victory!  Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy viewing movies of folks coming to your door!

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