You're sold out, when can I get a Peeple?
We have sold and shipped our first manufacturing run of Peeples. If you sign up on our mailing list on our webpage, we will email you when we have more Peeples available.

I need help with setting up my Peeple, where can I get help?
Here is a handy guide with step by step instructions for setting up your Peeple. We have also made a video showing the setup process. If you get stuck or have any other questions please contact us through live chat (the little dialog icon in the lower right). 

Can more than one person see Peeple clips?
Yes, but right now you'll have to create one login that is associated to your Peeple that the other person can use. During setup, your Peeple will associate with the login you use either on the website or in the app. Anyone who uses that login (email address, google, or facebook) in the website or app will be able to access Peeple clips.

How do I change what login my Peeple is associated with?
The easiest way is to reset your Peeple. Here is a handy guide to do that.

How long does the battery last?
Under typical use, your Peeple battery will last up to 6 months. However, if you have a great number of visitors or a lot of door opens and closes each day, it might last less than 6 months.

Why is there lag between an event happening and getting the notification?
Your Peeple will last a long time on one battery charge. To get this performance, Peeple doesn't maintain a constant connection to the internet. When an event happens, Peeple wakes up and connects to the internet. After that it sends a notification and uploads video images. This timing is largely dependent on your home router and how fast a device can connect and deliver data to the internet. 

My Peeple is slow or not uploading clips, is my wifi a problem?
For Peeple to work well, you will need a good wifi signal at your door. The simplest way to check this is by downloading an app like speedtest on your phone and testing it near your door. There are also tools you can use on your PC to test your wifi. On Mac, holding down the option key and the wifi icon on the toolbar will show an option to 'Open Wireless Diagnostics...". On Windows, a good tool is Acrylic Wifi.

What about doorbells, motion detection, or other ways to trigger Peeple?
Everyone's door is different and the best way for Peeple to work with all the various types of doors is with accessories. We have plans to integrate with other products to support other ways to trigger your Peeple as well as constructing our own products and accessories to work with Peeple.

What is the warranty and return policy?
You can find our warranty here.

I have a question not covered here, where can I get help?
First check our knowledge base. We write answers and add guides to this website on a continuing basis, so make sure to check to see if your question is already addressed. The best place to talk with a real person is through live chat (the little dialog icon in the lower right). We will usually respond in real-time or within 24 hours. You can also email us at 

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